Woman hatches duck egg after carrying it in her bra for a month

Recently there’s been somewhat of a wave of interest in hatching eggs at home.

People have been buying supermarket duck eggs and incubating them until they hatch, ready to be welcomed into the family as a brand new pet.

But incubators don’t come cheap, so one woman who wanted to hatch a duck egg decided to get innovative – by stuffing the egg in her bra.

Betsy Ross from California wanted to save an egg that had a little crack on it after finding it in the park while playing with her kids.

Noticing the small crack on it, the kids pleaded with Betsy to save the egg.

So the mum, who works as a sign language interpreter, called a local wildlife centre but unfortunately they couldn’t help.

Betsy then did some research and used some antibacterial on the crack to nurse it.

She also learned she needed an incubator to keep it as warm as its mum would and the egg would need to be rotated.

Realising she couldn’t afford the incubator, Betsy carried the egg in her bra for 35 days, until recently it cracked and out came a new duckling.

The incredible story was shared on Reddit where it went viral.

Betsy shared images of the various stages of the egg’s development and wrote on the post: ‘Saved a cracked egg! Carried it in my bra for 35 days. It was born prematurely he was still attached to the yolk and it was not absorbed so I got a wet paper towel and applied antibiotic on its cord and tummy twice a day. Surprised he didn’t die.’

If you’re wondering how Betsy managed to keep the egg in her bra all that time, she was actually out of work for most of the summer.

She wrote: ‘I was off work for the summer. That’s why it was in my bra and not in an incubator. I couldn’t afford one at the time. I am plus size so it fit snug.

‘I am an independent contractor doing sign language interpreting and most of the time I get odd jobs in summer but took time off to hatch this baby.’

The other question you may have is ‘how is it possible to carry it in your bra for that long?’

Betsy also had an answer for that question. She wrote: ‘They can be without warmth for a few minutes or even hours at a time.

‘What do you think momma duck does when she has to eat? Incubators even have auto timers to simulate this.’

Betsy also revealed her husband carried it while she showered. Once she held up a light and saw the foetus in the shell, Betsy was encouraged and kept on carrying it, nurturing it every day until it was ready to hatch.

The devoted mum then set up a makeshift box for the duckling – with a bowl of water, lamp and tape. Soon, a baby duckling emerged and they decided to call him Thawne.

Once he was big enough, the family parted ways with him and found him a nice place he could roam and be free.

It seems eggs are tougher than they look. Other Redditors commented on Betsy’s post saying they had similar experiences.

One person wrote: ‘You remind me of my mum’s adventures with chickens when she was young. I can’t quite remember what the problem was, but I think did some sort of resuscitation of a chick that hatched in similar circumstances and also tried to do surgery on a punctured crop of an adult chook.

‘I recall another story about her gluing cracked shell back together and still hatching the chick.’

We’re just surprised Betsy managed to wear a bra for 35 days in a row.

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