Why Rudi & Matt Probably Aren’t Together After ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’

A major curveball was thrown at Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart contestants when they had to either pair up with someone or pack their bags. The coupling sparked some questionable, potentially rash decisions — especially between Rudi and Matt, who chose to be together despite their relationship’s rocky start.

Though only three weeks into the competition, Rudi and Matt have already weathered a chaotic fight: after he decided to take Mel on his first date instead of Rudi, she basically wrote him off. But by Week 2, they managed to kiss and make up. All things considered, their first episode as a couple went well — they performed together (in front of Jason Mraz and Kesha!) and developed a deeper connection…but a season teaser hints that high may be short lived.

"It’s no fun singing a love song when you’re not in love," Rudi says in tears, getting up from her seat next to Matt. Could this be a convenient edit? Sure. But having so many ups and downs so early on in their relationship doesn’t exactly suggest they’re able to form a healthy, stable connection down the line.

Whether or not they’re still together, Rudi and Matt do follow each other on Instagram, so they’re at least still civil. They haven’t liked each other’s recent posts and they don’t interact much, which makes it seem like they stay in touch as former castmates rather than lovers.

But who knows? The process of being on a reality dating show could’ve bonded them and taught them how to navigate their differences. Historically speaking, though, it doesn’t usually work out that way.

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