What will May 17th bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

My daily horoscope: What will May 17th 2023 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

As expansive Jupiter settles into earthy Taurus, it brings movement to issues that have been unresponsive. 

Faced with a wealth of new opportunities, the possibilities could be overwhelming. With so much enthusiasm in the air, it’s worth pausing before acting. 

As situations heat up, containing and channelling excitement is key to ensuring that life serves up a treat. If a key ingredient is missing, the dish we serve won’t be as delicious as it could be.

As expansive Jupiter settles into earthy Taurus, it brings movement to issues that have been unresponsive


Mar 21 – Apr 20 

If you can’t wrap your mind around something, you don’t need to focus on it today. As for what you do comprehend, that’s where you need to pay attention. It might not be as clear as it appears to be. With Jupiter settling into Taurus, your current big idea is founded (unusually for you) on a desire to stick within the limits of what you know and feel sure about. But in these crazy times we’re living in, it’s hard to make real sense of anything. As long as you’re prepared to deal with the unexpected, magic can happen. In a time of celestial positivity, you can transform your life. 

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Apr 21 – May 21 

Why do we so often find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place? Why isn’t it a cloud and a pillow? In reality, of course, it’s not the actual things we’re stuck between that cause the discomfort. The problem is that we’re stuck. With Jupiter settling into your sign, you’re feeling motivated to stride forwards and manifest change. If you feel held back, it’s because of a lingering issue from your past. It won’t take much effort to rectify it. Meanwhile, you’re not immobile. You’re just not going as fast as you want. Soon, you will be. 

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 May 22 – June 22 

There’s a reason long-running TV shows lose their appeal or become more outlandish: the creators run out of storylines. They can’t keep doing the same things in the same ways with different characters. So they either run out of steam or keep pushing the boat out further and further. Only the very best writers are able to strike the balance between innovation and repetition. Sure, you can keep doing the same old things over the next few days, but surely a bit of excitement would make the world of difference? 

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My daily horoscope: What will May 17th bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all


June 23 – July 23

people who are logically minded assume that fewer and fewer of us believe in fairies. Why bother to fantasise about tiny entities hiding in back gardens when we’ve got TV, tablets and smartphones? These days, we can conjure up miniature people with a press of a button. Explaining away magical beings is one thing. But what about the magic itself? Isn’t it all around us? With Venus in your sign, fairies or not, you have a magic touch. As happy events make their way into your world, enjoy them, no matter where they’re from. A new week! 

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July 24 – Aug 23

We can be our own worst critics. We all tear ourselves down sometimes. Self-doubt is part of being human and it can be hard to stop things escalating when we find ourselves in a muddle. ‘How could I have got myself into this state?’ we berate ourselves. But you haven’t made any bad decisions. And you’re not gaining anything by giving yourself a hard time. Look at what you’ve learned. This is just part of a much larger process. Cut yourself some slack. By being kind to yourself you’ll find it easier to see the way forwards. 

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Aug 24 – Sep 23 

Surely intolerant people shouldn’t be tolerated? And shouldn’t there be laws against making things illegal? Etc., etc. We live on a planet that’s full of contradiction and inconsistency. That’s because we’re fallible human beings! There’s nothing wrong with the double standard operating in your world. It’s been working, relatively well, for a while now. It’s just that, for one reason or another, it’s becoming harder to live with. As you grow more aware of the disharmonious nature of this situation, you’ll find a clever way to deal with it. 

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Sep 24 – Oct 23 

Why, even though we know it’s impossible to turn back the clock, do we spend much of our time living in the past? We can’t return there; we can’t even trust that our memories of it are accurate. Yet, regardless of the uselessness of this mindset, we bind ourselves to our yesterdays. The clock, though, only moves in one direction — which happens to be the same direction we’re all heading towards. Today, focus on what lies ahead. Don’t try to do anything impossible. You don’t need to. You just think you do. 

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Oct 24 – Nov 22 

How many fingers am I holding up? Wow! I’m impressed. Was that an inspired guess? Or are your psychic powers particularly strong today? In the legacy of your ruler’s powerful position, it’s worth being slightly cautious about using your natural talents. It’s probable that your intuition will be reliably accurate. But no one, no matter how perceptive, gets it right all the time. It’s a side-effect of being human. Follow your hunches. But double-check them against a more logical view of reality, informed by solid information. 

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Nov 23 – Dec 21

Powerful and positive remedies often have unwanted side-effects. Even simple operations to sort out physical problems cause discomfort before they bring relief. You need to see a process through to completion before you can judge it. You also need to accept that even things that are ‘right’ contain elements that feel ‘wrong’. You’ve an important role in a significant drama. It’s not an easy role, but it’s a good one. The legacy of this will improve the relationships between all the players. Keep going! 

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Dec 22 – Jan 20 

Instead of a forecast, how would you feel if your reading contained a lecture about what you could have done better? Or suppose it predicted that someone was going to talk to you about your less-than-perfect behaviour? I’m hoping you’d stop reading! It’s not for me (or for anyone else for that matter) to give you a tough time over anything. Nor is it your place to do that to yourself. Refuse to take any negative criticism on board. Trust that you’re doing everything you can — and that you’ll get to where you want, and need, to be. 

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Jan 21 – Feb 19

Some folk think the only reason these predictions seem accurate is because people read what they want into their forecast. Yet astrologers go to great lengths to be clear and unambiguous. Words, though, notoriously mean different things in different contexts. Like silences, there’s always room for interpretation. What are you supposed to make of a certain person’s explanation? What are they saying? What are they failing to say? Instead of predicting what you want to hear, seek the truth today. It will be revealing. 

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Feb 20 – Mar 20 

If you prepare for the worst, you’ll get better perspective on the problem you’re dealing with. The worst (in case you’re wondering) isn’t going to happen. And the secret of success involves valuing what you’ve got, no matter how closely (or not) it coincides with your idea of what you think you should have. When you develop love and appreciation (even for the things you’re not so sure about), situations transform and other people direct their love and appreciation towards you. Which always leads to a positive outcome. 

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