Watch Justin Bieber do wife Hailey Baldwin’s makeup

Justin Bieber may have a new job.

The “Intentions” singer, 25, tried his hand at supermodel wife Hailey Baldwin‘s makeup while in quarantine together for an episode of their Facebook Watch reality show.

Wearing matching gray sweatpants and hoodies, the couple sat down at their dining table with some makeup from the 23-year-old’s collection, including a BareMinerals foundation stick ($32), lipstick ($14), nude eyeshadow palette ($29) and more from the brand, for which the model is an official ambassador.

“I want you to actually look good, I’m not trying to make you look like a clown,” Bieber said while focusing intently on the proper blending and highlighting technique.

The singer was particularly skilled at applying mascara and, when he smudged some of the black makeup around his wife’s eye, fixed it seamlessly with extra eyeshadow and concealer.

“Blend it, blend it, gotta go and blend it,” Bieber sang, making up an impromptu theme song for the activity.

While applying lipstick, Justin declared: “This is what separates the men from the boys.”

The verdict? “It’s actually really good,” Baldwin said appreciatively. “Justin’s coming for every makeup artist!”

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