Want to manage your finances better? This free digital event could help

The Money Rally is a free event being held this weekend by money coaching and learning network SmartPurse. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

With the economy taking an almighty hit thanks to the pandemic and biggest recession on record, people are thinking about their relationship with money more than ever. The fact, according to new research, we’re also “walking into a debt crisis” is also compelling us to address the management of our personal finances. And, breaking away from the traditional stigma attached to conversations around personal financial issues, women are starting to talk more honestly about all things money.

If this speaks to you, a finance event for women that takes place this weekend might just be of interest.

The Money Rally is a free event being held by money coaching and learning network SmartPurse for women of all backgrounds to come together and discuss all things money.

SmartPurse founders Jude Kelly CBE and Olgar Miler will be hosting, along with fascinating speakers such as AlisonSteadman, Shobna Gulati and Charlotte Church, who as successful performers from modest backgrounds have all had to manage their own expectations and attitudes to money in an uncertain landscape.  

The hosts will also discuss the impact of the recession on women’s finances, release some new data on women’s financial sustainability and run four parallel workshops which provide practical tips and insights. The discussions include:

  • Money Stories Leading guest speakers share their personal money experiences and money values
  • Navigating the current 2020 recession: Where’s My Money? Panel discussion on the recession nobody predicted and the future of women’s finances
  • Divorce Legal and money experts provide the chance for attendees to share their stories of divorce and separation
  • Retirement and Pensions With Daniella Jenkins & Carolyn Jones
  • Micro-investing Start investing with as little as £5 per month: session hosted by Olga Miler with FinTech guest experts
  • Careers, children and the pitfalls of part-time work A discussion on the juggle of motherhood and career

    Explaining what people can learn from the event, Miler says: “Managing finances is often a pain point for women. Most are time-poor, and don’t have the luxury to spend hours searching through tonnes of information that isn’t understandable or tailored enough for their personal and unique situations. With women expected to bear some of the biggest challenges brought on by the pandemic, helping women find financial independence is now more important than ever.

    “Our Money Rally event is one way that we are making access to financial education as simple and as affordable as possible, understanding that all women have different goals, experiences and expectations. We believe that now more than ever, women who have so far been underserved and disproportionately impacted negatively by the pandemic and current recession.”

    Kelly added: “The long-term effects of the pandemic are still unknown, but what we can be certain about is that it will be women who feel its impact most. The disproportionate weight of job losses, childcare and home-schooling over the last six months risks widening this gulf even further. So far, this crisis affecting half of our population has been ignored by the government’s response to the pandemic. Women must now take control of their own future, with the first step being managing their money.”

    The SmartPurse Free Money Rally: Money Madness 2020 virtual event will take place on Saturday 21 November.

    Tickets and full schedule of events are available on the SmartPurse website.

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