UK’s biggest family show off Halloween fun with spooky costumes and face paints

With Halloween quite literally creeping around the corner, families across the nation will be getting ready for the spooky season.

And if there's anything you know about the Radford family is that they love going big during special occasions.

Sue and Noel Radford are parents to 22 children which form the biggest family in Britain, who are based in Lancashire.

Now with the spooky season approaching, we look back on how the household celebrated Halloween last year.

Posting onto their YouTube channel, which has over 231,000 subscribers, the Radfords shared a glimpse into their Halloween fun.

From pumpkin picking to face-painting and themed costumes, the household certainly had a spooktacular time.

Mum Sue, 45, said: "Happy Halloween" as she filmed 49-year-old husband Noel cutting hot dogs to resemble creepy fingers.

Noel showed off his hot dog-making skills before turning to the camera to joke: "That one looks like Tillie's big toe."

Also in the video, Casper showed off his "scary costume", while five-year-old Hallie was getting her face paint done by her sibling.

Then the dad shows off the decorated table which is full with food and snacks to feed their kids.

After the camera focuses on one-year-old Bonnie who is dressed in an adorable pumpkin outfit.

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At the time of the video, Sue said: "Look at little Bonnie, how cute is that little outfit and somebody is teething."

She also showed the rest of her brood who were pictured in their full outfits, from skeletons to witches.

The parent also shared the family's decoration on YouTube, with their eyeball door wreath and large animatronic witch.

Also Sue and Noel took their kids to pick pumpkins.

When the 25-minute video was shared around this time last year, it garnered 99,130 views from excited fans.

Although the family's Halloween might be slightly different this year, we're sure it'll be a blast either way.

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