Twin sisters turn over seven figures with boob tape loved by reality TV stars

Twin sisters have created a life-changing product that is loved by British reality TV stars – and they’re turning over hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Charlotte and Samantha Ryder, 30, created an ‘instant breast lift’ tape as they couldn’t find comfortable tape for larger-busted women.

Now, they’ve built a multi-million-pound empire called Perky Pear and earned themselves celebrity fans including Vicky Pattison, Olivia Bowen, Charlotte Dawson, Josie Gibson and Gemma Collins.

The sisters first came up with the idea for their business after Samantha, an E cup, couldn’t find breast lift tape that made her feel comfortable when she wanted to wear a dress or top without a bra.

Determined not to let this hold her back, she set out to create her own.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, the duo revealed how they have managed to defy expectations and find success.

“I had bought a variety of breast lift tapes and adhesive bras but I wasn't getting a lift or a nice shape. They were uncomfortable and would even sweat off,” Samantha told us.

“We wanted to create a comfortable, breathable tape that delivered results similar to a surgical breast lift, in one single step application for all cup sizes.”

The result was the creation of Perky Pear, a range of cotton-based breast lift tape that caters all the way up to a G cup.

Samantha poured £20,000 in savings into starting her business and has received nothing but support from her family.

“My mum loved the idea and even paid for me to register the company on Companies House,” she said.

“My friends were a little more cautious but only because they didn’t know the potential. You have to not listen to people sometimes, they just project their own fears onto you.

“My boss at the time told me I’d be a millionaire one day and even came to support me on our launch party night”.

The sisters’ fledgling business struck a chord in the big-busted community, and soon became the largest tape range in the world.

After launching in 2017, awareness of the brand increased tenfold when Pretty Little Thing began to stock them.

“We had celebrity stylists who organically shopped our products. We also had celebrities wanting to try for red carpet events and they loved the products and continue to be customers today,” Samantha said.

“When I set out to create a boob tape I never had the intention of doing it small. When you’re a business person you wish you could split yourself in two to get more done and that’s exactly what it feels like working with my sister.

“We are so in tune and I don’t think any other brand can replicate that. We argue like all sisters do, but we’re best friends and partners in crime. Perky Pear wouldn’t have been the same without her”.

In 2019 they received a seven-figure investment and have continued to grow since then.

They’re set to turn over seven figures this year and make more money now in one month than they did in the whole of 2019.

Samantha and Charlotte have since expanded their range to stock more brands such as Debenhams, Missguided, Nasty Gal and more.

“Our sales are split between our website customers and wholesale business to business with brands like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing,” the pair explained.

“Some weeks, 10,000 plus units go out to B2B customers alone and over 2,000 per week on our own website.

“We have some very exciting celebrity campaigns scheduled for this year and are currently chatting to new retailers who are interested in stocking us.”

They have also become a USA-registered business as they attempt to break new ground in the states. They’re even shooting their next campaign in Miami.

Perky Pear’s cotton breast tape is available to order now from their website, starting at £12.99.

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