Travis Scott Teases Collaboration With Nike For Limited-Edition Sneakers

Travis Scott has always loved Nike sneakers, and now, Nike is loving him right back.

His very own, Nike Air Max 1 (Cactus Jack) sneakers are being teased online, and the excitement is starting to build as much for his fans as they are for Travis Scott himself. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the unique design that this exceptional shoe features, and judging by the intrigue and interest that is already being generated, it’s safe to assume this shoe release is going to be a huge hit. The Soul Supplier reports that the personal touches of this sneaker are absolutely reflective of who Travis Scott is, and what his artistic talents represent. The lucky consumers that are among the first to purchase a pair of these sneakers will get a first-hand sense of just how special these Nike shoes really are.

Houston Texas native, Travis Scott, has been blowing up the hip-hop charts with his huge hits. Best recognized for chart-toppers such as Sicko Mode and Highest In The Room, Scott has a massive following of loyal fans that adore his music and sense of style. With 38.2 million Instagram followers and 10.5 million Twitter followers, it’s fair to say this well-loved artist is poised to sell a whole lot of shoes.

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Priced modestly at $175, Travis Scott’s personally designed x Nike Air Max 1 (Cactus Jack) shoes are sure to fly off the shelves as soon as they’re released. This is largely due to the fact that his name is represented with this particular style, but it also has a lot to do with the very different aesthetic elements that have been added to the sneaker, as well.

Nike reveals the details on the shoe by saying they include “a reverse Swoosh and hidden pouch, which help set this edition of the storied sneaker apart for the rapper and producer, and for Cactus Jack Records.”

A cactus jack appears on the shoe, and of course, Cactus Jack Records is the name of a record label, founded by Travis Scott. There are a series of successful artists that have been signed to this label, and now Scott’s legacy is being permanently imprinted on the shoes that bear his name.

The sneakers are said to resemble hiking shoes, with the focal point of that motif being the red and white, extra-thick laces that are featured.  The shoes are created using black, cream, and tan tones and include mesh and leather accents. The official release date has not yet been announced.

March 26  happens to also be Nike Air Max Day – Travis Scott’s teaser is perfectly timed.

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