Trans woman embraces ‘very lucky’ new life — and 1,400 Tinder matches

This gal is a match made in heaven.

After starting hormone therapy, one transgender woman has received over 1,400 matches on Tinder, reported SWNS.

Cassandra Heart, a 30-year-old software engineer, began her hormonal transition 11 months ago. When her gender was listed as male, she had about 60 matches in two years.

Now, her love potential has skyrocketed. “I made a new account in January as a trans woman and I’ve had 1,429 matches since then,” she told the news outlet.

“My Tinder bio states that I’m a trans woman,” the Seattle resident said.

Heart identifies as pansexual, meaning her attraction to someone is not limited by their gender identity. She’s currently married to a woman who’s been nothing but supportive through her journey. “She was a little shocked at first, but she also said she kind of saw it coming,” said Heart.

“Honestly, I feel like I’ve been very lucky with this transition,” she said. “I have quite a few [trans] peers who have been a little envious because the progress has been so fast for me.”

Her experience is rare: Trans people are often victims of abuse on dating apps. In November of 2019, it was revealed that Tinder was actually banning several profiles of trans users, because cisgender people were reporting them “simply for being who they are,” said Tinder’s then-CEO Elie Seidman at the time.

Although she waited until she was older to transition, Heart said she knew she was transgender starting at the age of 5, when her parents explained the concept to her. “Being exposed to how well transitions can go wasn’t common when I was younger,” she said. “It’s only recently that trans people have gotten visibility in the mainstream media.”

Heart plans to undergo gender-affirming surgery next year.

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