‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘A Quiet Place II,’ ‘SpongeBob’ get new premiere dates

Paramount just made some release date changes given the unpredictable coronavirus climate. The long-awaited Tom Cruise Skydance sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” is now going to Dec. 23, instead of June 24. This will push the Chris Pratt sci-fi Skydance movie “The Tomorrow War” to an unset date.

“The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” will debut on July 31, instead of Memorial Day weekend, May 22.

“A Quiet Place Part II” which was originally expected to go March 20 before getting pulled from the calendar as COVID-19 fears ramped up, will now open on Sept. 4.

The following changes cut far deeper into the summer calendar with an unexpected date as to when exhibition will reopen on full blast. AMC is hoping to re-open its circuit in early June. New York City, a major moviegoing market, remains besieged with over 45,000 COVID-19 cases, repping more than half of the entire state. In an effort to have tentpoles earning their maximum, a film will need New York and Los Angeles online as they rep a great percentage of a pic’s weekend ticket sales. And, of course, these movies will need the world’s theaters.

What will theaters do for product if this crisis clears up earlier? I’m told many titles are flexible for all studios, and can always be pulled up to an earlier opening should the nation’s marketplace improves greatly. Also, most of these titles remain in post-production. Also what many are expecting is that when theaters do re-open, it will take some time for audiences to come back. Winter holdover titles and catalog movies are expected to be on marquees. As we’ve also written, for movies to come back, live televised sporting events also have to return as well as the major studios hit their male demos with ads during that time.

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