Time traveller claims Earth will soon descend into three days of darkness

A self-proclaimed time traveller who believes he has come from the year 2582 has posted a bonkers video suggesting a three-day blackout will plague the Earth within the next decade.

The man has joined a growing list of TikTok accounts to claim he has come back from the future – with (unsurprisingly) no evidence whatsoever.

Nevertheless, his videos on his page @timetraveler2582 have seen him attract 630,000 followers.

In one video, seen more than 400,000 times, the user hints something big will happen on the date June 6, 2026.

The social media user says: "Believe or not, this has indeed happened on the June 6, 2026.

"Starting at 00h00 UTC on the June 6, 2026, the Earth will enter into three days of darkness."

Without giving away too much information of what causes the phenomenon, he adds: "Do not look at them.

"Do not look up in the sky at the light coming from the pyramids.

"Do not use any man-made lighting except candles."

The time traveller warns viewers that they have to be "prepared" and remain home.

His video has triggered thousands of responses from the viewers.

Many asked for more details of the "lights from the pyramids" and what will happen after.

The TikTok user gave a brief answer and said: "I will explain more in details. It should clear all the doubts you have left."

One wrote: "I'm not gonna lie, I put it on my phone calendar about this Doomsday BUT I'm highly skeptical."

Another added: "Please tell me that it's not real I'm scared of the dark and we don't have any candles. Can we use TVs and phones?"

But others seemed to have caught the "time traveller" deleting videos if it turned out to be a wrong prediction.

"It's not real, he has had multiple videos saying stuff would happen then they never did and he deleted the videos," a viewer pointed out.

"Timetraveler2582" is not the only account that post about future predictions. A man claiming to be from the year 2485 warned viewers that there will be a huge discovery in October, 7, 2021.

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