Tiger Woods’ backyard golf course torn up as he recovers from car crash

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As Tiger Woods recovers from injuries he sustained in a February car crash, his backyard golf course — at his estimated $40 million mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida — is apparently being gutted.

An aerial photo of Woods’ backyard made its way around the internet on Friday, which appears to show three of his four custom greens under construction.

It’s unclear what Woods has planned for the presumed makeover on his Jupiter Island Practice Facility — the official name for the extraordinary golf setup he designed in 2010, when he moved to the lavish location.

The viral overhead photo was shared by Florida native Dakota Atkinson on Wednesday, and eventually landed on a Woods fan account, TWLegion account — which claims Atkinson, a pilot, snapped the photo while in flight.

Woods, whose dream was to create his own tailor-made course to improve wedge and short game, designed the facility across 3.5 acres.

“He designed and built a complex with one goal in mind: replicating tournament-like conditions, similar to those he faced around the world,” according to Woods’ TGR design website.

Woods’ at-home golf course uniquely features tournament-conditioned turf and bunkering, along with a variety of turf found on the PGA TOUR.

“The design allows Tiger to hit almost any shot of 150 yards or less to one of four unique greens.”

Woods’ Florida mansion also includes a large swimming pool, tennis court and an outdoor basketball enclosure.

It’s unknown when Woods will return to golf, as the 82-time PGA TOUR winner is recovering from severe lower leg injuries he sustained in a single-car crash in Southern California on Feb. 23.

Following a number of medical procedures and a hospital stay, Woods returned to his Jupiter home in March, where he continues to recover.

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