This £6.50 hack can stop sweaty under-boob patches — we tested out this heatwave fix

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As the temperature continues to sky-rocket in the UK, it’s hard to stay feeling fresh throughout the day. It can be particularly tricky to keep sweat at bay in nooks like under your boobs where unsightly patches can be incredibly embarrassing.

One simple hack is to use a solid natural deodorant under your boobs at the start of the day to stop sweat from gathering as the day heats up.

The key is to opt for balms, pastes and creams which apply dry so you can get straight on with your day. Roll-ons are a no-go for under-boob sweat as you can’t allow them to dry properly before you get dressed.

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Sounds simple but does it actually prevent those dreaded patches? We put it to the test..

Beauty writer Akesha Reid says

As someone with sizeable boobs, summer isn’t always the most comfortable time for me. Sweat is a constant bugbear and has ruined many a cute outfit.

There’s debate over the safety of aluminium-based antiperspirants so I personally prefer to use a natural deodorant for this hack.

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The Lush Aromaco solid deodorant, £6.50 here, is a great boob sweat option as it’s so simple to use – you just lift and swipe before you pop your bra on.

With just six ingredients in the formula I feel safe using it in such a sensitive area. However, it’s worth noting that it does have a strong (albeit natural) smell. It’s fine if you don’t mind a whiff of patchouli – and I’ll take it over the musk of a hot day.

Using a deodorant stick on my under-boob area has helped me be patch-free in my cute summer dresses and I have felt a lot less self-conscious as a result. I’m not exaggerating when I say discovering this hack has been life-changing.

More sweat busting options

Prefer a more subtle or fragrance-free choice to Lush? Then opt for any of the below:

Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant Balm Activated Charcoal, buy it here for £6.99

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This balm melts into the skin and dries instantly. The activated charcoal is highly absorbent to help to stop you feeling sweaty for longer.

Salt of the Earth Natural Unscented Stick Deodorant,buy it here for £4.99

This stick needs to be used on damp skin to work so it’s best used straight out of the shower for a fresh feeling all day.

Mitchum Women Natural Power Coconut Solid Deodorant, buy it here for £3

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This deodorant uses bamboo powder and is made of 96% natural ingredients. Warm the stick up with the tip of your fingers to stop it dragging the skin on application.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant,buy it here for £14.40

This a pricier option but the cream-to-powder formula leaves the skin feeling silky and fresh for hours.

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