These clever packaging designs are bound to persuade shoppers

Take my money now! These clever packaging designs are bound to persuade shoppers to buy

  • Bored Panda curated times happy shoppers shared packaging on social media 
  • Selection includes cleverly advertised buns in Taiwan and a very pretty perfume
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Good packaging can convince shoppers to buy something quickly and impulsively. 

Brands spend thousands on eye-catching campaigns that have customers forlornly cutting into the painstakingly-presented items to get their hands on the actual purchase. 

And website Bored Panda has collated a selection of items on the shelves which had people so impressed, that they took to social media to share them. 

The kitschy packaging ranged from making bread buns in Taiwan look like a six-pack to showing off French perfume samples in orange-slice-shaped bottles.

One hungry social media poster shared a snap these cleverly packaged buns – designed to look like a model’s six-pack – in Taiwan

In another instance, a Russian designer created food packaging which made ready-to-boil pasta look like hair. 

And an American teacher was able to bring a touch of sinister to the classroom with a box of chalk that created the terrifying illusion of a clown with huge teeth.  

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at some of the most creative designs… 

If you fancy a particularly haunting game of hopscotch, these may be perfect for you! A New York-based company placed their white chalk in a box which made them look like clown teeth

Russian designer Nikita Konkin has won awards for this packaging, which depicts Good Hair Day Pasta as styled tresses

This New-Zealand based company sells its ‘lamby dryerballs’ in an adorable washing-machine-shaped box

One vintage, 1920s fragrance from France is still revered on social media, for its kitsch citrus design

A Pringles fan was wowed when they saw that the crisps, in a store in Nepal, had different mascot expressions based on the flavour

Maksim Arbuzov, who is originally from Tomsk in Siberia, designed this gorgeous bee-hive-shaped honey glass

Have you ever wished you had a dollop of olive oil ready in your handbag? Thanks to this company based in Spain, you now can!

Russian dairy company Milgrad definitely made shoppers smile with this clever feline packaging display

US beer company Coors packaging serves a function, with the mountains said to turn blue when it’s cool enough to drink

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