The Trailer For Hulu's New Comedy Woke Is Like Sorry to Bother You in All the Best Ways

New Girl‘s Lamorne Morris stars in Hulu’s upcoming comedy series Woke, and if you’re still reeling over the ending of Sorry to Bother You, you might want to check it out ASAP. The series follows Keef (Morris), a cartoonist on the verge of success whose life gets turned upside down after police roughly detain him for a crime he didn’t commit. Before the incident, Keef preferred to “keep it light” and ignore the thinly veiled racism all around him. But the misunderstanding leaves him rightfully shaken, and he sets out to incite some much-needed social and political change with the help of his cartoons come to life.

Keef’s new outlook on the world following his encounter with the police causes him to hear voices and talk to inanimate objects that take on the appearance of characters from his cartoons. These voices encourage him to take action in response to the instances of police brutality and systemic racism that permeate his everyday life and challenge those around him to do the same. Inspired by the life of cartoonist Keith Knight, Woke confronts the struggles the Black community faces in America today and takes a look at the importance of identity and culture through a comedic lens.

Morris will star alongside T. Murph, Blake Anderson, and Saturday Night Live‘s Sasheer Zamata. Woke premieres on Hulu on Sept. 9. In the meantime, enjoy the full series trailer above!

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