The Tormented Art of Francis Bacon Chronicled in New Book

A new comprehensive monograph detailing Francis Bacon’s artistic journey is now up for grabs. Titled Francis Bacon or the Measure of Excess, the expansive book is penned by Bacon’s close friend Yves Peyré who relays insights into the late figurative artist’s career from his early design work in the 1920s to his unsettling triptychs in the 1980s. A total of 160 images including major works such as Three Studies for a Crucifixion are spotlighted in the book that offers an in-depth analysis of one the most important painters of the 20th century.

“Tormented, twisted, and jarringly dissonant, Bacon’s divided vision of the world swung between civilization and barbarism, beauty and ugliness, life and death. His study of classical culture and western mythology led him to depict darkly sublime worlds of violence and madness that intrigue as much as they evoke visceral disgust,” as per a statement.

The monograph begins with a biography, documenting Bacon’s personal life, inspirations as well as well as Peyré’s personal connection with the artist. Bacon was an Irish artist who emerged during the post-war period. He was widely recognized for his disturbing imagery that focused on contorted human bodies and other distorted forms with raw emotional intensity. His jarring, often ominous visuals served as method of exploring nihilism and death at a time when Europe had been repeatedly ravaged by war.

View select pages from Francis Bacon or the Measure of Excess in the slideshow above and purchase a hardcover copy here for $50.82 USD.

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