The #StayHome doorstep photo challenge is encouraging people not to go out

We’re in lockdown and we all know the drill. Stay home, save lives. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Staying home for weeks on end is tough for many – particularly those living in small homes, or for people with kids to entertain. So, we all need to find ways to distract ourselves.

This new social media photo challenge is encouraging people to stay home in a beautiful way.

The #StayHome photo challenge, started by Instagram expert and author Sara Tasker, is a way for people to share how they are finding joy and creativity while in lockdown – and aims to hammer home how important it is for everyone to play their part by staying at home.

‘The photo challenge started as a way to help people stay creative and connected online without having to leave the house,’ Sara tells ‘I’ve always found creativity and photography to be powerful tools for managing anxiety, if only as a way to distract my mind and give it something else to think about for a while, and Instagram’s community always helps me feel connected and less alone.’ 

Sara has been sharing a different challenge each week around the theme of staying at home. This week, she asked people to create an image of a rainbow on their doorstep, or at the threshold to their home.

‘The hashtag is #15MinuteMagic as the idea is anyone can do it in just 15 minutes if you’re busy with kids or working from home,’ says Sara. ‘There are lots of parents joining in with their kids, as well as small business owners who are struggling right now.

‘One Mum got her three children to each do their own and shared them all in her Stories.

‘I love how everyone can take the same starting point and make something completely unique that tells the story of their experience of lockdown. Seeing everyone sharing their same-but-different takes online makes the world feel a lot smaller, and reminds us that we’re not really as isolated as we might feel.’

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