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QUEUEING at the baggage carousel is easily one of the worst parts of travelling – especially if your bag is one of the last to emerge.

However, some people swear by tricks that they think brings their luggage out quicker than everyone else's.

Among those tricks is picking up a free “fragile” sticker from airport staff and slapping it on your bag, which can allegedly speed up your waiting time.

That's because the fragile tagged luggage is often put into the plane last and as a result, it comes onto the belt first.

Checking your luggage in last can also increase your chances of it coming out first – for the same reason.

If it's the last to be put into the plane, it's likely to be the first out.

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Thomas Lo Sciuto, a ramp worker and gate agent at a regional airport in the US, explained why.

He said on Quora: “Your best option is to be one of the last passengers to check your bags.

"Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last your bags will be in the last bag cart.

"This will make them the last on the aircraft, and the first off the aircraft at your destination."

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Some airlines offer passengers the chance to pay to ensure their luggage is unloaded first, with priority luggage services.

However, this could only be available to frequent flyers and those who have paid for upgrades.

Travel and Leisure said: "Priority baggage service is offered to frequent flyers with certain tiers of elite status, as well as business and first-class passengers

"When you go to check your bag in, ensure that the agent affixes a priority tag to your bag.

"Checked bags labelled with priority tags are technically supposed to be offloaded before other bags."

As soon as passengers have their luggage, they may be tempted to leave the airport as soon as possible.

However, they ought to look inside first just to make sure it's their bag.

Traveller Gina Sheldon found this out the hard way, after arriving home with her suitcase she thought was full of Christmas presents back in December.

However, when she opened it she was stunned to find dog food and other random items.

Gina, who was travelling with Air France from Paris to Boston, told Fox 10: "When I opened my luggage all of the gifts were gone and replaced with individual plastic bags filled with dog food, dirty t-shirts and empty French body product containers.”

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Meanwhile, these are the etiquette mistakes passengers always make at the luggage carousel.

And this is why it takes so long for your bag to arrive after a flight.

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