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HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned of the simple mistake they're making when they fly, and the consequences could be very dangerous.

Most passengers will fully charge their devices before a trip, but this could actually cause problems in the cabin.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the United States Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning to airline passengers.

In a post on Twitter, the Federal Aviation Administration: "Before getting on an airplane, do you charge your lithium-powered devices to 100%? A full charge may increase the chances of a fire."

The Federal Aviation Administration further explained their advice in an episode of The Air Up There podcast.

On the podcast, they urged passengers to avoid charging their devices to 100 per cent before flying.

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This is because fully-charged devices are more likely to cause fires in the plane cabin.

In the podcast episode, Robert Ochs, a fire safety branch manager, added: "Powering off the device is a great start, if you know that you're bringing a device that you won't be using during your trip, it's actually best to have it at a lower battery level.

"So, if it's at 30% or lower, it's less likely to undergo thermal runaway (when the battery becomes uncontrollable).

"Another thing to do would be to not charge it, keep it powered off and also not plugged in."

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In the comments, one person said: "A good reminder."

While another added: "This is why I only charge my phone by following the 20%-80%."

Passengers could also get in trouble for using their phones on the tarmac between the plane and the airport terminal.

Cabin crew are required to remind the people on their flights this before landing, as well as telling them they aren't allowed to smoke either.

Some people assume the rule is in place to stop people's phones from interfering with the plane's navigation systems; however, it's actually there for a much simple reason.

According to deputy chief executive of aviation safety in New Zealand, David Harrison, it's to keep people safe when walking to the terminal.

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