The Beatles: John Lennon said Cliff Richard was ‘only thing worth listening to’ from UK

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The Beatles fans will know that the Fab Four worked alongside some mighty musical artists over the years. Included in this collection of musical pals was Cliff Richard, who met the Fab Four a few times along the way. Sir Cliff Richard still thinks of his former friends, and recently spoke out about a compliment he received from John Lennon before his death.

Sir Cliff appeared on James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen today, where he discussed his new autobiography, The Dreamer.

The 80-year-old spoke candidly about his popularity in 2020.

He praised the likes of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, but added that he would like to go head-to-head with them in the charts.

Sir Cliff claimed his music was “on the B and C-lists,” and pointed to this as the reason for his lack of radio airtime.

Despite the notion that he might be “unpopular” in this day and age, Sir Cliff had the perfect rebuttal.

He told James: “God bless him, but John Lennon said: ‘Before Cliff Richard and Move It there was nothing worth listening to in England.’”

Move It was Cliff Richard and The Shadows’ first single, which went straight to number two in the official singles charts.

At the time, Move It was described as “Presley-esque”, on account of the rock and roll guitar hooks, and his mumbly vocals.

Sir Cliff continued: “I said ‘thank you John,’ because journalists say: ‘What’s it like [knowing] people don’t think you’re cool?’

“And I just look at them and say: ‘John Lennon did!’”

The star concluded the conversation by asking James: “I mean… what is cool?!”

Lennon and Sir Cliff had a long history, as The Beatles previous requested Sir Cliff delayed the release of one of his songs.

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Shortly into the Fab Four’s career, they were looking for a huge hit to show off their talent.

However they had gotten word that Sir Cliff was about to release a new song of his own.

According to Sir Cliff’s autobiography, the two acts met at a party in the 50s, where The Beatles were described as “friendly and smart”.

He claimed the five of them “chatted away like mad” throughout the night.

At one point, Sir Cliff said, John Lennon asked Sir Cliff to push his single back.

He wrote: “John Lennon was very funny and asked me to delay releasing my next single to give their follow-up to Please Please Me a chance.”

The Beatles had failed to top the charts just yet, so they had a lot riding on their next song, Please Please Me.

The band’s single did make it to the top of the singles chart, giving them their first number one.

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