The 4 new Topshop jeans styles and how to wear them whatever your body shape

Each year 70 million pairs of jeans are sold in the UK alone.

And if you’re like us you could probably wear a different pair of jeans every day of the week. But of course you don’t, because we all have our faves, right?

For many denim is the lynch pin to their wardrobe; dressed up, dressed down, we are literally jeans obsessed with a pair for every occasion and every season.

And yet it is probably one of the hardest items in our wardrobe to buy. Denim dilemmas are in abundance, as we all search for the perfect cut – and that’s before we throw in the ever growing selection of styles and silhouettes into the mix.

Of course you’ve got your basics…

Skinny, Super Skinny, Jeggings, Boyfriend, Straight Cut, Boot Cut and now the ever present Mom jean that has made its way onto the firm favourite list.

You’ve got high waisted, mid rises and low cut (seriously though who can still wear these if you aren’t a teenager?)

And if that was not hard enough, throw into the mix the latest fashion trend led styles that will come and go into the fabric of our lives and you're facing a potential denim disaster.

Kick flares, 70's flares, cropped, balloon – You see where I’m going with this, the list is endless.

So when Topshop told us they were launching four new styles, we were filled with a mixture of trepidation and excitement – and naturally ran straight to store (pre Covid-19) to try them all on and show you how to wear them.

To make the experiment fair we tried them on two wildly different body shapes because seeing new styles of denim on models is great but we’re pretty sure you want to know how it will fit the odd lump and bump.

So, in the video above, is how two of the OK fashion team style the four new denim styles.

Topshop One – Oversized Mom Tapered Jeans, £29.99

Topshop Two -90’s Flare Jeans, £29.99

Topshop Three – Stretch Flare Jeans, £29.99

Topshop Four – Skinny Jeans, £29.99

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