Teen goes viral for showing what it's like to live with separated parents

Ella Cassidy has been living with mum Amy and dad David for the past four years despite the parents no longer being together.

The couple, who have been separated for 15 years, decided to move in together to make it easier to jointly raise their daughter.

The 17-year-old, who is currently studying for her A-Levels, was two when her mum and dad decided to part ways.

But for Ella’s happiness and wellbeing, mum Amy decided to buy a new place and ask David to move in to the spare bedroom.

Now, Amy and David have separate rooms, separate fridges, ovens, and cupboards to store all their goods.

And David isn’t allowed to use any of Amy’s things.

Though unusual, the set-up works for the family who are now accustomed to living together.

Ella created a TikTok documenting how her parents manage to live in the same household while being separated.

The video has been watched by almost a million people.

We spoke to Ella, who told Metro.co.uk: ‘My parents separated when I was two years old.

‘My mum bought this house around four years ago with the intention of my dad moving in, he rents out the spare bedroom.

‘It’s what works best for us, I get to live with both of my parents and they get on well.’

Ella says that both parents are currently single and the set-up works as it would in any other flat share.

She adds: ‘My mum has a big American style fridge freezer she uses and then there’s a smaller fridge freezer that my dad uses, however, my mum uses some of that space for her things.

‘My dad also has one cupboard in the kitchen but that’s really all he needs, he has a mini plug-in oven which is separate from the main oven as he has a tendency to fall asleep while stuff is in the main oven. I think his little one has a timer.’

Ella says the situation is a blessing as she can spend time with both parents.

She says: ‘Neither of them have had a new partner since we’ve lived together.

‘I think it works really well, a lot of people think it’s weird however if it wasn’t like this I’d have to spend less time with one parent.

‘This is the sort of time where you need stability and both parents around you so overall I think it’s worked out well.’

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