Tate's Has 2 New Cookie Flavors and You Can Order Them Online

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the arrival of spring, perhaps some new cookies will do the trick.

Southampton-based Tate’s Bake Shop released two limited-edition flavors, Strawberry & Oats Cookies and Lemon Cookies, and they’re already flying off the shelves. The former pairs oats with sweet strawberries for a tasty homemade crunch, while the latter is loaded with fresh lemon and makes for a light and crisp flavor.

You can find the cookies online while supplies last or on shelves at select retailers across the country.

The cookies were first spotted at Acme Markets by @FrontPageFoodFinds, and her reviews of the flavors are glowing. “@TatesBakeShop is my favorite cookie brand, and I’m happy to say these are another two winning flavors by them!” she wrote on Instagram.

First, she reviewed the lemon cookies and noted that these were her favorite. “In usual Tate’s style the texture of the cookie is thin and crisp,” she explained. “The Lemon flavor is so vibrant, refreshing, and pleasant. I could also taste the delicious signature Tate’s butter cookie taste.”

She then described the Strawberry and Oats cookies: “This flavor was delicious too. There was a lot going on texture-wise. The cookie is thin and crisp. Then there are oats and chewy strawberry pieces mixed in. I liked the bursts of flavor the strawberry pieces provided. It was a pop of flavor, that paired well with the oats and cookie flavor.”

“These are the perfect flavors for a Spring/ Summer release…,” she continued. “I am always beyond excited to see what the new flavors will be every time Tate’s releases their seasonal flavors around Spring and the winter Holidays. Last Spring Tate’s released Oranges & Cream and Key Lime Coconut Cookies.”

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The cookies are available on the website for $20 per three-pack, or you can go crazy with it and order a six-pack for $35.

It looks like they already sold out online once, so if you’re interested you might want to jump on it soon.

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