SZA Says She Never Declares Herself as ‘Queen of RnB’ After Being Clowned

Speaking for a new interview, the TDE artist gives an update on how her music is perceived, adding that she doesn’t want to be boxed into one genre and that some people call her the ‘Queen of RnB.’

AceShowbizSZA sparked debate after revealing in a new interview that she didn’t want to be referred as the “Queen of R&B.” As soon as the interview was published, fans were confused as to why the singer thought she had the title.

Speaking to Wonderland Magazine, the TDE artist gave an update on how her music is perceived. The singer added that she didn’t want to be boxed into one genre, saying some people called her the “Queen of R&B” though she wasn’t necessarily happy with the title.

“I spent too much time growing up on just as much Imogen Heap, and listening to Comfort Eagle by Cake and vibing for people to call me a ‘queen of R&B,’ ” said the “All the Stars” singer. “Why can’t I just be a queen, period?”

“Nobody does that to white people at all, ever. No one ever does that to Adele or Justin Bieber when they’re wholeheartedly singing R&B,” she went on saying.

In response to the comments, fans took to social media to question it. “Who called her that,” one fan asked. “SZA the queen of what, now?” another questioned.

“I love me some Sza but I wanna know who these people are that are calling her the queen of r&b,” one Twitter user added. “SZA: people need to stop calling me the queen of R&B! Everyone on twitter:,” a person tweeted alongside a meme of someone asking “Who said that?”

Echoing the sentiment, one other said, “I love SZA but I’ve literally never heard anyone say she’s the queen of r&b.” Thinking that Summer Walker is better than SZA, a fan wrote, “Summer walker album eats her album, I’m confused.”

SZA appeared to laugh off the clownery.

SZA then took to her Twitter account to seemingly respond to the clownery. “Lol,” she simply wrote. The singer also explained her insight into the statement in a comment section of The Shade Room’s Instagram post, writing, “uhhh I was talking about a public Rolling Stone cover click bait title? Never self proclaimed . Lol Jus didn’t like the title…. For this exact reason. God bless tho.”

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