Spot seven playful cats hiding in this garden within 15 seconds

This gardening brainteaser uses your cognitive skills to spot seven playful cats hiding in the bushes in less than 15 seconds – how many can you find? The pretty image shows two gardeners working hard on the garden lawn to maintain its beauty. One gardener is cutting shrubbery whereas another is strolling on the lawn with his wheelbarrow.

There are a total of seven cats hiding in the garden for you to discover as fast as you can and the tricky brainteaser has been shared by to test your detective skills.

Brainteasers and other forms of mental exercise can help improve brain health, and the healthier the brain, the less likely someone is to develop a neurodegenerative disease such as dementia, according to health experts.

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If you need a clue to help get you started with the puzzle, think about where you might find a cat lurking about in your garden, or perhaps where you have spotted one in the past. All furry animals love a good hiding spot!

Remember to pay close attention as the cats are hiding in different parts of the garden.

Spoiler alert! Scroll down to find out where the cats are hiding.

Did you manage to find all the cats? One kitten is standing on the grass at the bottom of the image. If you look to its left, you’ll see another kitten trying to jump into a watering can.

Right above it, is a cute black cat and further to the left is a cat napping.

A ginger car is relaxing by the window and another one can be spotted next to the white fence on the right.

Finally, by the windmill, a cat is napping but is one of the most tricky to find.

If you managed to spot all the sneaky felines, congratulations, your vision must be perfect!

Experts have found maintaining the health of the brain is extremely important and dementia is one of the UK’s biggest killers. According to the charity Alzheimer’s Society, there are currently around 900,000 people with dementia in the UK and the organisation encourages people to visit their GP and seek advice for further information about the condition.

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