Spider-Man to the rescue! Superhero jogger cheers up kids in England

STOCKPORT, England — The northern English town of Stockport has a new hero in the battle to keep kids entertained during the coronavirus lockdown: Spider-Man!

Jason Baird, a local 34-year-old martial arts teacher, has taken to dressing up as the Marvel superhero for his daily jog, replete with acrobatic jumps and somersaults.

Swapping the towering skyline of New York for suburban Stockport, a town known for its hat-making heritage, Baird stopped by a primary school Wednesday and adopted Spider-Man’s iconic crouching pose for waving children.

“It’s just Co-op, and then I’ll be back,” Baird said of his route, referring to the local grocery store.

Following his visit to the school, Baird posed for a selfie with a policeman — contrasting with his counterpart in New York, who sometimes had a strained relationship with the authorities.

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