Song You Need to Know: Roísín Murphy, 'Something More (Extended Mix)'

Disco and other classic strains of dance music have enjoyed a pop renaissance in 2020, showing up on albums by British singers Dua Lipa and Jessie Ware, as well as on the all-American Lady Gaga’s Chromatica. Irish singer-songwriter Roísín Murphy has long demonstrated her fealty to and appreciation for these sounds, having perfected her approach across several albums, EPs, and remixes. Her latest, “Something More,” appears on the upcoming album Roísín Machine and pits a mesmerizing groove against lyrics about an all-consuming feeling of yearning.

Powered by fat, bass-heavy synth waves that pulse with menace, the Amy Douglas-penned “Something More” is a touch slower than many bpm-throttled club numbers of the moment. The nearly eight-minute extended mix of the song takes its time to set up, slowly tacking on new percussion tracks and Rhodes piano for a production that feels deep and spacious. Murphy slides into the role of someone who seemingly has everything and still wants more, giving her character a darker edge that suits the melancholy-tinged surroundings.

“Maybe this could be the last time I feel the strain/Of what it’s like to own everyone and everything,” she intones in the chorus, cool and restrained despite such a hyperbolically funny boast.

Midway through the extended version, the song shifts away from its downcast, repeated main riff to punchy, house-style piano chords and a background of plaintive strings. “I want something more,” Murphy sings, punctuating it with a soulful “Gimme something more!”

In a release, Murphy notes that she thought of “Something More” as “a swan-song to how we once lived,” and that a profound feeling of emptiness had started to envelop everyone. It’s hard to argue with that, given the state of things right now, but “Something More” can at least help you cut through the gloom.

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