Sir David Hare appears to settle Left wing scores in Roadkill

Twenty ways Sir David Hare appears to settle Left wing scores past and present in Roadkill in storylines with VERY striking parrallels to everyone from Boris Johnson to Margaret Thatcher

  • Sir David Hare took inspiration from Conservative scandals for BBC’s Roadkill 
  • Hugh Laurie who plays Laurence, argues with his lover at her London flat 
  • Scene is striking similar to the row Boris had with girlfriend Carrie Symonds
  • Elsewhere, a false diary is created to conceal the Tory MP’s whereabouts
  • Angela Peppiatt created a false diary to help Archer win a 1987 libel case 

Many viewers had a feeling of déjà vu watching BBC TV political drama Roadkill, as populist Tory MP Peter Laurence ruthlessly toppled ‘stop gap’ Prime Minister Dawn Ellison.

You did not need a degree in politics to spot the parallel with Boris Johnson’s brutal termination of Theresa May’s short spell in Number 10 last year.

Yet that is not the only time that Roadkill’s author, the Left-wing playwright Sir David Hare, appears to have drawn inspiration from real life in the series.

A quick examination of villainous Laurence, played by Hugh Laurie, shows he seems to embody almost every Conservative scandal since the Sixties, from Jeffrey Archer to Jonathan Aitken, Alan Clark and David Mellor – even the Profumo affair.

Simon Walters revealed twenty similarities between BBC’s Roadkill and real life political scandals, including a scene showing Tory MP Peter Laurence having a row with his lover involving a bottle of red wine (pictured) 

There are also distinct echoes of other bogeymen for the Left including Cummings, Farage and Trump.

Perhaps it is all a coincidence.

But here are twenty ways Hare appears to settle Left wing scores past and present in Roadkill.

Peter Laurence v Boris Johnson

1. Laurence: Lover Madeleine (played by Sidse Babett Knudsen) hurls a bottle of red wine at the Tory MP in a row at her London flat.

Boris: Had a row with girlfriend Carrie Symonds in her London flat notoriously involving a spilt glass of red wine.

2. Laurence’s motto: ‘Always Put The Past Behind You.’

Boris’s motto: ‘There are no disasters, only opportunities.’

3. Laurence: Daughter Lily (Millie Brady) calls her father ‘selfish’ and says: ‘You were f****** [your mistress] when Mum was having her breast off.’

Boris: Daughter Lara called him a ‘selfish b******’ after he divorced ex-wife Marina while she was recovering from cancer.

Boris and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds (pictured) had a row in her London flat involving a split glass of red wine 

4. Laurence: Admits fathering an illegitimate daughter after a DNA test.

Boris: Admitted fathering an illegitimate daughter (by art expert Helen McIntyre) after McIntyre’s partner had a DNA test.

5. Laurence: Is paid $500,000 for a secret trip to the US to discuss ‘privatising NHS and get American drugs into UK.’

Boris: Accused by Labour of planning to sell the NHS to the US.

6. Laurence: Daughter Susan (Olivia Lovibund), mocks the Tories’ anti-immigration stance. Laurence protests he is ‘pro immigration.’

Boris: Won Brexit on an anti immigration platform despite backing immigration as London Mayor.

BBC drama showed Laurence (pictured) asking his wife Helen to help him fight corruption claims made by a newspaper

PM Dawn Ellison v Theresa May

7. Laurence: PM Ellison warns him: ‘You think you’re too popular to be sacked. I’ll prove you wrong.’

May: Joked as PM she would ‘put him (Johnson) down like a dog.’

8. Ellison: Prime Minister Dawn Ellison (Helen McCrory) complains of her ‘three turbulent years in office’ – before Laurence ousts her.

May: Survived three stormy years in No 10 before Johnson successfully plotted to replace her.

Laurence v Jeffrey Archer

9. Laurence: His secretary Joy Pelling (Yolanda Kettle) creates a false diary to conceal the MP’s whereabouts.

Archer: Secretary Angela Peppiatt created a false diary to help Archer win a 1987 libel case.

Jonathan Aitken (pictured) sued the Guardian newspaper in 1999 over corruption claims and his wife Lolicia lied in court in a failed bid to get him off

10. Laurence: Wife Helen turns a blind eye to his affair in London and leads a largely separate life in their Sussex home.

Archer: Wife Mary tolerated his affair with Andrina Colquhoun in London and led a mainly separate life at the couple’s Cambridge home.

Laurence v Jonathan Aitken

11. Laurence: After winning a libel case, he declares grandly: ‘Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just. Lies were told about me. I fought and won.’

Aitken: Before being caught out lying in a libel case he vowed to ‘cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism.’

12. Laurence: He tells wife Helen who lies in court to help him fight corruption claims made by a newspaper: ‘Stick to your story.’

Aitken: The former Tory defence minister sued the Guardian newspaper in 1999 over corruption claims. Wife Lolicia lied in court in a failed bid to get him off.

Laurence v Nigel Farage

Self-made millionaire Laurence (pictured) who has a Hastings constituency, posed for selfies and discussed Brexit on radio phone-ins in one scene

Ex-City trader Nigel Farage (pictured) who stood for Parliament in Thanet, enjoyed selfies and visited talk shows to promote his anti-EU views

13. Laurence: The self-made millionaire has a Hastings constituency, poses for selfies and discusses Brexit on radio phone-ins.

Farage: Ex-City trader Nigel Farage stood for Parliament in Thanet (on the South Coast, like Hastings), loves selfies and promoted his anti-EU views on talk shows.

Laurence v Dominic Cummings

14. Laurence: Shouts at Whitehall mandarin Dame Vanessa Pollard (Sylvestra Le Touzel) accusing her of blocking his reforms.

Cummings: Johnson’s volatile No 10 chief aide has regular clashes with mandarins, branding them ‘bed blockers of reform.’

Laurence v Alan Clark

15. Roadkill: Womaniser Laurence lies in court, boasting he can ‘brazen anything out’.

Clark: The philandering Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark lied in court in 1992, saying he was ‘economical with the actualite’.

Laurence v David Mellor

In the political drama, Laurence (pictured) posed for a ‘happy family’ photo shoot near his home

When David Mellor (pictured) quit the Cabinet in 1992 following an affair, he posed with his family at their home

16. Roadkill: Laurence poses for a ‘happy family’ photo shoot near his home.

Mellor: After the Tory minister quit the Cabinet in 1992 following an affair, he posed with his family at their home.

Laurence v Michael Gove

17. Roadkill: Justice Minister Laurence is a chess fan and campaigns to curb prison suicides after discovering his illegitimate daughter is in jail.

Gove: When keen chess player Michael Gove was Justice Minister he vowed to cut the number of jail suicides.

PM Dawn Ellison v Margaret Thatcher

Roadkill’s PM Dawn Ellison (pictured) was involved in the illegal sales of a ‘Normandy rocket’ that killed British aid workers

Margaret Thatcher (pictured) was attacked over Saudi arms sales and the 1990 Iraq ‘Supergun’ affair

18. Ellison: British aid workers are killed by a ‘Normandy rocket’ sold illegally to the Saudis by the UK with PM Ellison’s help.

Thatcher: She was attacked over Saudi arms sales and the 1990 Iraq ‘Supergun’ affair.

Laurence v Donald Trump.

19. Laurence: Nit picking Laurence halts a meeting to make secretary Pelling change her blouse because of a tiny stain.

Trump: Fastidious Trump picked fluff off Emmanuel Macron’s collar and insists on always having six clean white shirts in his wardrobe.

Laurence v Profumo.

20. Laurence: Went to wild parties in Notting Hill in his 20s and became rich as rogue landlord. Stays with mistress Madeleine at her Marylebone home.

Profumo: Peter Rachman, the 1960s Notting Hill slum landlord caught up in Profumo scandal, had affair with call girl Mandy Rice Davies in his Marylebone home.

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