Sillage's Thailand/VENTILE® Collection Celebrates Muay Thai Culture

Japanese fashion imprint Sillage has officially released the Thailand / VENTILE® Collection from its Destination Series – highly inspired by Thailand with its rich cultural background and martial arts, particularly Muay Thai. To celebrate this traditional art form, the label invited Fukuoka-based artist Hitomi Kawasaki to design the graphic of Muay Thai fighters as an all-over-print.

From the lineup, drop shoulder features are shown on CPO shirts and jackets. Crafted with breathable materials and waterproof layers, baggy hakama pants and circular pants are comfortable to wear for outdoor activities. Other than the vibrant Muay Thai and traditional block pattern, the assemblage also sees understated shades of navy, beige and khaki. One key accessory is the military-esque helmet cap where you can wear it as a cap, or as a hood clipped onto the CPO shirt.

If you are interested in this collection, Sillage’s latest Thailand / VENTILE® Collection is now available on the Sillage online store.

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