Shopper looks at waffle maker on eBay and is flabbergasted by X-rated feature

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Shopping online has been life saver during the pandemic, but it can be a little hit or miss.

If you’ve ever found a fantastic deal for a sofa, but been sent doll’s house sized furniture then you’ll known what we mean.

Now, an unnamed eBay buyer has explained that they were recently looking to buy a waffle maker.

However, they were left shocked when they stumbled upon an “unexpected” item on sale.

The shopper shared a snap of the photo on Reddit in the r/CasualUK forum.

They captioned the shot: "Was looking to buy a waffle maker, this is not what I expected."

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They continued: "I was looking to buy a waffle maker and didn't want to buy new.

“I searched eBay and found this listing for 'Commercial Electric Waffle Maker'.

"The description says it's non-stick and makes four waffles, Now shipping free within the UK."

Now, while that sounds a little large for a domestic product you may be wondering what the issue was.

Well, the machine only produced penis-shaped waffles.

The buyer shared the eBay listing on Reddit too – and you may be surprised by the price.

This willy waffle maker will set you back a whopping £300.

People on Reddit found the X-rated machine hilarious.

One person commented: "I couldn't believe nowhere in the description does it mention they're d**k shaped!

“That's vital info!"

"I'm sure that would be a hit as Ann Summers party nibble,” joked another.

While a third added the machine would be "a great birthday present for the prudish mother-in-law from hell."

"Well you've opened pandora's box lets see what other shapes you can conjure," noted a fourth.

Would you ever buy this cheeky snack maker?

Could be a laugh…

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