Samuel Ross Launches Second Black British and POC Artists Grant

FOR A EQUAL WORLD: Samuel Ross, founder of A-Cold-Wall, is launching the second edition of the Black British and POC Artists Grant. The inaugural edition supported three young talents last year.

There will be 10 recipients this year. They will be chosen under the advisement and council of the Design Museum, Royal College of Art, and the British Fashion Council, and each receives 2,500 pounds.

With the primary objective being to bridge community to the industry by forming a layer of trust and understanding, Ross said the grant aims to improve “holistic Black British experience,” as well as celebrating, showcasing and integrating exceptional talents from “low visibility pathways,”  who are “future leaders and voices that have both potential and evident skill warranting institutional, academic, and cultural visibility,” and who can “kick-start a reformation of how the arts, design and fashion industries operate and move forward.”

Poster of the Black British & POC Artists Grant Courtesy

Caroline Rush, chief executive at the British Fashion Council, said the program highlights the diversity and artistic sensibilities that make the U.K. so unique and gives a platform to artists who might not necessarily have one.

“Samuel’s extraordinary creative thinking, teamed with his innovative design approach and work within diversity & inclusion, make him an inspiration for the future generation and a leader among peers, showing that he is not only a designer but also an important social activist.”

Tim Marlow, director and chief executive at Design Museum, said “uncovering, nurturing, and celebrating new and emerging talent is at the heart of the museum’s mission, as he believes that creating access to opportunity regardless of background is fundamental to creating a better future for all.”

Paul Thompson, vice chancellor of Royal College of Art, Ross’s alma mater, said “by partnering with leaders in their fields like Samuel, we are presented with a true moment to make a step-change in terms of the diversity of talent in the global creative industries, ensuring people from all backgrounds have access and opportunity.”

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