Rick Ross Calls Terry Crews ‘Paid C**n’ on New Song ‘Pinned to the Cross’

Revealed in the latest episode of ‘Versuz’ with 2 Chainz, the song finds the 44-year-old rapper spitting his bars, ‘Terry Crews is another c**n who was basically bought.’

AceShowbizRick Ross has turned Terry Crews‘ latest controversial comment into lyrics to diss the actor and comedian. In the latest episode of “Versuz” with 2 Chainz, the 44-year-old rapper unveiled a new song entitled “Pinned to the Cross” in which he took a jab at Terry.

Rick disses Terry right from the beginning, saying, “F**k Terry Crews,” at the opening of the song. However, the line that draws everyone wild comes at the later part of the song, on which the hip-hop star can be heard spitting his bars, “Terry Crews is another c**n who was basically bought,” before laughing.

The line is a clear reference to the “America’s Got Talent” host’s headline-making comment last month. He took to his Twitter account to make an acronym out of the offensive slur as he said, “Conquer Our Own Negativity.” People were baffled by his comment and were quick to call him out, with one saying, “You really tried to make ‘C**n’ into something it ain’t.”

Despite the criticism, Terry did not think he did something wrong. In response to a follower who reminded him that the word is “an outdated Term used to tear each other down,” the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star replied, “I agree. That word is horrible. But I’ve learned to catch lemons thrown at you, Make lemonade. Then make lemon bars. Make a lemon scented hand sanitizer, sell the rinds in the spice aisle for BBQ lemon pepper wings then take the seeds and grow more lemon trees.”

Not stopping there, he later made fun of his critics by posting a GIF of him barging into someone’s home with a speed motor boat. He wrote in the caption of the post, “Twitter: Terry Crews needs to shut the f—. ME,” telling his haters that he was unbothered by all the criticism coming his way.

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