RC-XD in Warzone: How to get radioactive car in latest patch update

There have always been cars in Warzone, but now there are tiny cars.

Tuesday’s update to the Call of Duty royale game mode introduced the RC-XD killstreak. The explosive remote-controlled toy car will also be in the soon-to-release Black Ops Cold War game and has featured in past titles designed by Treyarch.

Warzone players will receive the RC-XD after completing a special “Detection” contract. Right now, the contract is only available in the game’s training arena. It wouldn’t be surprising if it eventually makes the jump to live multiplayer.

Depending on the damage it deals when detonated, the RC-XD might be a viable killstreak if it reaches Warzone’s online multiplayer. This one releases radioactive gas upon explosion.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the RC-XD in Warzone:

Where is the RC-XD in Warzone?

There currently aren’t any ways to get the RC-XD in normal Warzone multiplayer modes. It’s only available in the training mode portal.

Even there, it’s somewhat complicated to attain. First, players must complete a “Detection” contract in the Quarry region by following a radiation sensor to a drop item. That crate will contain the radioactive RC-XD reward.

How does the RC-XD killstreak work?

Like in Black Ops games of the past, the RC-XD in Warzone is a timed controllable car players can drive around to locate an enemy. The difference with this model is the gas cloud it leaves behind.

What else was added to Warzone in the latest update?

Private matches are now enabled, letting people who just want to play casually with a bunch of friends do so without dealing with the online multiplayer masses. But it might be difficult to fill private lobbies — the minimum amount of players in a private match is 24 for mini-royale.

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