Queen Elizabeth Will See Baby Archie This Summer After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Accept Special Invite

Queen Elizabeth is currently a great-grandmother to eight kids, including Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s son, Archie. While some of the queen’s great-grandchildren do live near her home, Archie will now be spending a lot of time on another continent. This means that Her Majesty could be missing out on a lot of bonding moments with him.

However, it has been reported that Queen Elizabeth will be able to see Archie this summer for an extended period of time. Read on below to find out what Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will be doing with the queen in several months.

Prince Harry and Meghan will visit Balmoral Castle this summer

It has been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan accepted the queen’s invitation to spend time at Balmoral Castle in Scotland this summer.

Balmoral Castle is Her Majesty’s summer home, where she and her husband, Prince Philip, stay every year for a few months. She often invites other members of the royal family to visit for a short period of time. Princess Eugenie once described it as a place “where you just have room to breathe and run.”

Last year, Prince Harry and Meghan made headlines when they declined the queen’s invitation to come to Balmoral Castle. A source told The Sun that the Sussexes did not feel comfortable bringing Archie up to Scotland when he was only a few months old.

There were even rumors that Her Majesty was quite “disappointed” in the couple, but it seems like everything is water under the bridge now.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been spending time in Canada

The royal hangout at Balmoral Castle will be important because Prince Harry and Meghan will no longer be living in the U.K. full time. Rather, they announced earlier this year that they will be splitting their time between the U.K. and North America. The couple has been staying at a mansion in Canada and making trips back to the U.K. for family and work purposes.

A source shared with Us Weekly that the queen was worried about not being able to have a relationship with Archie.

“The queen’s worst fear is that she may never see Archie again,” the insider revealed. “She’s trying to stay optimistic about this situation and would never stoop to casting any aspersions on Meghan’s character – even after everything that’s happened.”

Meanwhile, Keir Simmons, a royal correspondent for The Today Show said that Queen Elizabeth “isn’t into babies,” so she is generally fine with Archie not being in the U.K. all the time.

Queen Elizabeth is also trying to normalize her relationship with the Sussexes

Although it does not seem like Queen Elizabeth and the Sussexes are having an all-out feud, a lot of people believe that their relationship could still be rocky, especially since Prince Harry and Markle announced their departure from the royal family almost out of nowhere.

However, sources believe that the queen is trying her best to normalize her relationship with them. She has released several statements concerning their departure, and she often noted that, despite rumors of a feud, Prince Harry and Markle have her full support as they figure out the next step for their family.

A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth also invited Prince Harry to eat lunch with her. Later, she invited him and Markle to a church service in Windsor. Both moves show that Her Majesty does not want to make them feel alienated from the rest of the family.

An insider confirmed this to Harper’s Bazaar, saying that the queen “has continuously made sure that they feel welcome and loved.”

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