Plus-size model earns £100k a year by flaunting her sexy curves on OnlyFans

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A plus-size model is exploring a new niche on OnlyFans.

Sheyla Long, 31, earns a staggering £100,000 a month by flaunting her self-esteem and acceptance.

The beauty has been working for her profile for about three years where she pockets a serious amount of money.

She said: "It is a very new niche that is paying off on OnlyFans. I think the platform has room for everyone."

Measuring 52cm at the hip and 32cm at the waist, Sheyla is successful with her sensual photos without caring about her size.

And she confesses her biggest inspiration for her photos is plus-size model Ashley Graham.

She added: "I like her confidence and how she keeps it true to herself.

"Today I do not consider myself underestimated by my size."

Although she does not care about her measurements, Sheyla admits she's already chosen to go under the knife.

She detailed: "I put silicone twice and had liposuction and nothing else."

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During these plastic surgery procedures, Sheyla spent almost £20,000 and says that's all she wants to do.

The model continued: "I consider myself a feminist above all and I love to encourage and elevate women to learn their value.

"I also like to be encouraged to move forward and prepare for a better future."

Sheyla boasts 1 million followers on Instagram where she delights fans with photos of her beautiful curves.

In her latest photo, the beauty posed in a turquoise bikini as she captioned the post: "Guess my weight for a follow back."

Since she shared it yesterday, Sheyla's post racked up 9,800 likes with thousands of comments.

One said: "Wow so beautiful, I love your body so much."

Another gushed: "Queen no matter what you're fine."

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