Please enjoy the most eye-catching pictures from the frozen hairstyle contest

Remember a time before lockdown?

We could enjoy things like frozen hairstyle competitions.

But don’t worry, the Takhini Hot Springs frozen hair competition in Canada already had their submissions before the global pandemic.

And the competition has just announced its finalists for 2020.

Takhini Hot Springs in Yukon, Northeast Canada, sees people from around the world enter the water of the hot springs, which are somewhere between a relaxing 36° and 42° Celsius.

They are then able to fashion their hair into rigid shapes as the water freezes it solid.

Entering the contest involves visiting Takhini Hot Pools on a day when the temperature is below -20°C and paying for regular admission to the hot springs.

Once a frozen hairstyle has been perfected, participants can ring the wireless doorbell to have their photo taken by Takhini Hot Pools staff.

With a total of $10,000 (£8,000) available in prize money, the Hair Freezing Contest has seen an incredible surge in participation this winter season.

All winners will be announced on 1 April.

The contest has received approximately 288 entries, and these are some of the most eye-catching from this year.

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