Pharmacists find historic drugs cocktail hidden in basement with old note

Pharmacy workers stumbled across an old note hidden in the basement.

The family were surprised to find a recipe for “brompton cocktail” hidden on the ground floor.

This concoction is credited to surgeon Herbert Snow and was first used back in 1896.

It is a strong pain medication helped terminally ill patients get through their final days – but isn’t in use today.

As the medicine contains a cocktail of powerful drugs, including cocaine, that were masked with a dash of “cherry syrup”.

While people have found the discovery interesting, it certainly wouldn’t be a good idea to neck the illegal “medicine” nowadays.

On Reddit, a mate of the pharmacists revealed: “Friend’s family owned a pharmacy.

“They found this in the basement secret corner that collapsed in the flood.”

The post garnered more than 38,400 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

One commenter wrote: “I’ve been a pharmacist for 40 years. Bromptons cocktail (or mixture) was used for the terminally ill.

“I don't think I have made any in this century, but I certainly did in the last.”

And another said: “That’s not a concoction you can receive these days.”

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This isn't the only historic artefact people have found hidden in their homes recently.

Previously, a pub owner found a 50-year-old time capsule buried in his walls.

The nostalgic time capsule contained items like coins, stamps, a 1971 price list, a collection of ha'ppenies, old beer mats, car tax discs and a £1-an-hour wage slip.

And in other news, a couple found a Nazi code under floorboards – and later found out their neighbour was a WW2 codebreaker.

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