Perfect good morning texts to send your crush

Good morning texts are a great way to build chemistry during the beginning stages of any potential relationship. It’s the perfect way to pique someone’s interest and keep them thinking about you all day. The dynamics around every crush situation are different but there are some foolproof ways to get your message across first thing in the morning.

Did you just get their number? Something as simple as “good morning” shows you are thinking of them without coming on too strong. Have things progressed a little bit? Maybe send an invitation for a hang out. “Good morning, what are you doing next week?” is open-ended and allows for them to let you down easy if they’re not as into it. What did you last talk about? Maybe it was a movie they hadn’t seen? Invite them to watch it with you — it’s a cute and casual way to show that you are still thinking about your last conversation (via Elite Daily).

Good morning texts for closing in on your crush

Have you and your crush been building some chemistry? Maybe shoot them a text about something that’s been happening in your day. “Good morning, I’m so hungry… what are you having for breakfast?” It’s casual and shows you’re comfortable with them (via Cosmopolitan).

Shoot your crush a meme if it’s the beginning of your pursuit. Maybe you’re just friends right now, but showing some interest by starting your day joking around with them will leave them wondering where your relationship is headed (via Sweety High).

Are you closing in on your crush? Is today the hang out when you make your move? Maybe send them an extra flirty text to clue them in, something like, “Good morning, I’m so excited to see your cute face today!” is a pretty clear indicator that you mean business.

Whether you are just beginning to pursue a budding crush or you closing in on a potential long-term relationship, these texts should keep things moving along just swimmingly.

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