People share their hilarious responses to hapless scammers

Nice try! People share their hilarious responses to hapless scammers – from dating site fraudsters to a man demanding bank details while claiming to be The Rock

  • Bored Panda rounded up hilarious interactions with scammers around the world
  • One snap shows a determined Instagram user pretending to be the Rock 
  • Another image shows someone claiming to need more info to make a delivery 

Savvy internet users are usually quick to spot a phishing email, but this amusing gallery proves scammers will stop at nothing to glean sensitive data to make a quick buck.

From pretending to be an A-list celebrity offering a giveaway to posing as the ideal partner on a dating website, people from around the world have contributed the amusing interactions they’ve had with hapless fraudsters to a gallery on Bored Panda.

Among the images is an Instagram user posing as Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson asking for bank account details and another who claimed to be footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who wanted to ‘borrow’ someone’s debit card to buy new boots at Sports Direct.

Elsewhere, an unknown individual asks to set a date for a meeting to discuss financial advice – but is thwarted by their victim.

People from around the world contributed interactions with scammers to a gallery on Bored Panda – including one person who was contacted on Instagram by someone pretending to be American actor the Rock

Keep waiting! One person mocked the scammer who texted him by agreeing to meet and discuss financial advice in 2099

Another individual revealed they were skeptical of an individual claiming to have a delivery that they’re unable to make without more personal information 

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Double the price, double the risk! An individual selling a phone was promised more than their asking price if they sent their bank details 

Another individual mocked a scammer on a dating website for their poor spelling and was surprised when the fraudster demanded £2000

One person asked a mysterious woman who messaged him to send the link to a virus in a bid to avoid wasting time talking 

Another individual who received a suspicious link from an unknown number replied with a screenshot correcting the false claim in the text message

Creativity has its flaws! One person shared the text messages they received from a scammer who pretended to work for various companies  

Another individual received an amusing message on Instagram from a fraudster pretending to be footballer Cristiano Ronaldo 

Automated responses! A singleton on a dating app was amused to receive the same messages from a match whenever they used the word ‘fake’

Another individual mocked a scammer for claiming to have the ability to hack and destroy their phone

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