People are sharing their 2021 mood in hilarious film and TV gifs

From dogged positivity to unhampered despair, people are sharing their 2021 mood in film and TV gifs in a trending thread on Twitter – and let’s just say, we can relate. 

Anger. Gloom. Apathy. Optimism. 

It’s hard to express the gamut of emotional responses that 2021 is inspiring in us right now – but lucky for us, film gifs speak louder than words. 

The Toronto International Film Festival has put a shout-out on Twitter this week asking for people to describe their mood for the new year using a meme from the big screen – and the response has been nothing short of golden.

In an idea that quickly began trending on Twitter, users far and wide traded their favourite film and TV reactions to 2021. And the results were as far-fetched as you might expect ahead of a year that promises yet more coronavirus, ongoing job losses and a general cloud of uncertainty (but hey, it can’t be any worse than 2020 right?)

From the resolutely upbeat to the funny and the ridiculous, here’s our pick of 10 of the best, most hilarious comebacks on the thread – because if you can’t laugh, what hope is there?

Car crash moment

Bring it on

Stuck in a time warp

Can’t even…

Hit the floor

We’re done here

Feel the fear

Twilight zone

Just no

Dancing queen

Main image: Netflix

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