People are raving about the £3.50 Ikea window blinds

Blinds are one of those household items that you don’t realise are so expensive until you need to replace them.

Last year, Ikea released a great solution to this with their Schottis polyester pleated blind, costing only £3.50.

Unlike ‘regular’ blinds, these can be cut to size. They also don’t need to be drilled into the frame, attaching to the top of the window with a sticky strip.

This handy product has rose to prominence once again, after a member of the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK extolled its virtues.

‘Seen a lot of people posting about the £3.50 blinds from ikea ! They’re amazing this cost me a total of £7! BARGAIN!’ read the post.

Over 1,400 people liked it, but after some comments about the quality the original poster added ‘I know they’re not going to be good quality for £3.50 thank you everyone they was just a cheap quick cover for the windows got some nosy neighbours.’

Plenty more, however, commented on how great the blinds looked and how nice it was that they let in a small amount of natural light for ambience.

Others recommended the Wilko version of the blinds, too. Slightly more expensive at £4, they too can be cut to fit and stuck up on any window or door.

For people who don’t like net curtains but want to retain a bit of privacy or keep the room a bit cooler, you can’t really get a more cost-effective option.

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