People are only now realising what chin dimples are – and its icky

Humans are made up of all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

Our bodies change and often bring up things that we never knew existed, and lately people have been talking about chins.

All our chins look a little different, and people have been trying to work out why.

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To save people some time someone took to TikTok to talk chins.

TikToker Hank Green uses the platform to talk about biology, and he gave a pretty icky explanation about how are faces work.

It turns out the small part of our face is rather odd.

"It's in your chin and it is very weird", he said.

"You have identified correctly a weird muscle. Well done.

"Almost every muscle in your body connects a bone to another bone. Your bones yank on each other, that's how you move.

"There are other muscles, like sphincters, that just yank on themselves. The heart is a totally different kind of muscle – it yanks on itself to pump your blood around.

"In our faces, we have a bunch of muscles that do not connect to other bones. You can tell this, right?

"Like, all the movement that faces do, we that we can talk and emote and stuff – we're not yanking on bones here. We're yanking on skin."

If you don't already feel a little grossed out then prepare yourself for more.

This is because the mentalis muscle is found in your chin.

Hank explained that the mentalis muscle links from bone to skin – and when flexed it results in the appearance of dimples.

The content creator also showed diagrams of muscle to teach people how it works.

He added: "You can see the mentalis here, doing an absolutely wild thing, sticking all of its little muscle fibres into your skin.

"When you contract that muscle, it yanks. It yanks on the skin and makes those little dimples.

"It's a little weird. We're all made out of meat."

Many people seem to think they could have been spared the information, as one claimed it made them feel "nauseous".

Another said they were "upset" to learn the news, while others claimed the knowledge would "haunt"' them for a while.

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