Page 3 model Rhian Sugden says fans ask her to sign boobs with their name

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Page 3 model Rhian Sugden has addressed the unusual requests she gets from subscribers on OnlyFans – including saucy men wanting her to sign their name on her boobs.

Recently, she launched the Hot and Bothered podcast, which she hosts with pal and fellow OnlyFans model Sarah Jayne Dunn.

In a recent episode, the pair discussed some of the more unusual requests they receive on the content sharing site, with Rhian suggesting fans often focus on her bust.

“One of the requests that I get quite a lot is having guys’ names written on my boobs,” she revealed.

Sarah hadn’t been so lucky herself, admitting: “I’ve not had that one… I’ve not got big boobies like you though.”

While Rhian claimed that she often turns down requests, she said that boob signing was within her range of custom invitations.

“I’m happy to do those, sometimes I do it topless for an extra large fee. Otherwise, it’s just in a bra with their name written on the top,” she explained.

During the episode, both OnlyFans creators delved into the types of requests they typically get from subscribers, revealing that they are selective in their approach.

“People will send us their requests, and then we’ll accept or decline, or say, ‘I can’t do that, but I could do this’,” Sarah said.

“I turn most of them down because a lot of people want nudity or playing with sex toys, stuff like that, things that we just don’t do.”

Rhian agreed, adding: “Out of about 100 requests I get, I probably do about three.”

Sarah also offered her own example of an unusual request, saying: “This is one that I’ve had quite a lot is someone wants me to dress up as a magician’s assistant, which I think is quite a rare one.

“They want me to dress up as a magician’s assistant then roleplay as a magician’s assistant. I feel like for that I’m going to have to invest in one of those boxes and chop someone in half, a few rabbits, all of that.

“It’s way too much for me, there’s no amount I’d do that for.”

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