Only those with detective skills can see the cat without a tail

Experts at shared a series of brain teasers, “perfect for filling the catless void on your lunch break or commute”. They explained that not everyone will be able to solve these and only people with true “detective skills” will find the cat with no tail, the cat with blue eyes and the cat playing with the fish without cheating.

There are seven hidden cats in the garden, can you find them all?

The experts at said that cats love to play games out in the garden, hiding in bushes and “pretending they’re not there”. In this garden, there are seven cats all playing hide and seek but not everybody will be able to spot them.

Can you find the cat with no tail?

The second puzzle shows many different cat breeds sitting in neat rows. However, one “unfortunate puss” has lost its tail, where is it?

Can you spot the cat with blue eyes?

In the third picture, there is a field of happy cats but there is one that stands out from the rest because is the only one with blue eyes, can you see where it is?

How many cats are obstructing this house move?

In the next picture, “movers are just trying to do their jobs, but the resident cats have other ideas,” the experts said. Can you spot all of the cats making mischief for the movers?

Can you find the cat playing with the fish?

Finally, the last puzzle shows a cat playing with food, but the experts warned that it may be hard to spot it without cheating.

People will see brown, grey and orange cats playing with mice and pet toys but only one has a little fish in its hands.

Did you solve the brain teasers without cheating? Join the debate in the comments section below

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The expert commented that cats are an “incredibly important part of many of our lives” as they “bring us joy, companionship and a garden free of mice”.

In return, owners give them food, treats and “a warm place to curl up in the evening”.

They can also be “incredibly independent creatures” always going off on adventures and getting into scrapes, which is partly why cat insurance is so important for owners.

The adorable animals “never fail to keep owners guessing at what’s going on in their feline minds”.

Brain teasers are a type of puzzle that “are designed to stimulate cognitive function, encouraging the brain to work to complete the exercise,” experts at Languagehumanities explained.

Some studies suggest that doing brain teasers regularly can help to keep the mind fit and could help slow the progression of cognitive decline.

The Alzheimer’s Society explained that although no studies have shown that brain training prevents dementia, cognitive training could improve some aspects of memory.

“The old man who does the crossword every morning, in other words, is improving his cognitive function in addition to passing the time,” experts commented.

Jackpotjoy recently shared a challenging optical illusion and claimed that only one in 10 people are able to see the black hole stay still.

The optical illusion consists of black dots and a black oval in the middle with some colours around it and although it is a completely still image, it appears to move when you stare at its centre.

The experts explained: “The shadowy, faded edges of the black hole make it appear as if the black colour is spreading out as if you were heading into a hole or a tunnel.

“According to scientists, this illusion can also cause your pupils to dilate when you are tricked by the image,” they added.

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