Nicola Alpe: Which royal family member reigned supreme in 2021?


The Royal Family. They are the original reality show, the family that everyone knows and follows. So, how have the royals fared in 2021?

The Queen

Eighty years on from The Blitz she’s had to live through another campaign, with Harry and Megan dropping bombs on the regular, although their claims haven’t amounted to much.

She has had to deal with a wayward son and the loss of her husband.

She has embraced technology and has stepped back from the fray allowing her family members to come to the fore and prove their mettle, like any good boss. She is a legend.

Power Ranking: Numero uno, although could easily be outshone by the Cambridges in her lifetime.

Charles and Camilla

Charles is proving himself to be somewhat of a seer with his now achingly hip philosophies on climate change and organic farming.

Who knew that behind that boxy double-breasted suit he insists on wearing beats such a relevant heart? As for Camilla, I’d like to pop a bottle of Pol Roger with her and have a good old gabfest.

After 16 years of smiling benignly she has come out strong in 2021 making charity work for domestic abuse victims a focus of her work, and jolly good too given its rise during the pandemic.

Power Ranking: Obviously very important to the machine, we accept that Charles will be the next King which makes him very powerful but still not very exciting.

William and Kate

For a while it looked as if Harry and Megan would be the power couple of the Royal Family, but even if they were still there, Wills and Kate are now operating entirely on another level.

It’s unlikely that there has ever been a more in-touch, relatable, engaged and fabulous royal couple.

Whether it’s playing the paps at their own game by releasing snaps of the next generation of heirs, to changing the way we think and talk about early childhood education and mental health, to absolutely bringing it in the style and appropriate affection stakes during public appearances, Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge are the Royal Family’s true power players.

Power Ranking: A very close second to The Queen and will be stratospheric if they continue on this trajectory.

Prince Harry and Meghan

Still part of the family even if they are doing their best not to be. Despite landing some impressive contracts we are still unsure of what they do exactly, and until they start implementing a strategy devised by professionals rather than puppets, their power ranking is rather pitiful.

Power Ranking: Yet to fulfil their potential but have brought “word salad” to our vernacular and for that I thank them.

Prince Andrew

Oh dear. As much as I despise cancel culture, this man has effectively been cancelled, by his own family no less. he will ride into obscurity, babysitting his grandchildren while the girls go to family functions.

Power Ranking: No power.

Prince Edward and Sophie

Often viewed as exciting as wet lettuce, Edward must know how to treat a lady to attract a woman like Sophie.

A reported favourite of the Queen, it’s easy to see why. She is graceful, good for a laugh and is a champion for many projects including her work aiming to help prevent sexual violence plus her work for women’s health programmes.

Power Ranking: Rising thanks to Sensational Sophie.

The Other Royals

Beatrice and Eugenie show resilience and strength of character by championing projects in the face of their disastrous father. Respect. Gone are the odd hats and they’re adding to the Windsor clan at speed.

Princess Anne fulfills hundreds of engagements without anything scandalous to comment on. She got it from her mama. Peter Phillips we will see next on Tinder under a suitably Sloaney alias.

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