Nadiya Hussain has an empowering message about quarantine cooking

Cook and writer Nadiya Hussain says we need to feel “empowered” and “creative” while cooking in quarantine, especially when it comes to using leftover banana peels.

Quarantine cooking is a challenge that we all need to step up to while social distancing. We can’t exactly grab something to eat for dinner on the way back from work every day. And we’re all avoiding going to the local shop to pick up ingredients unless it’s essential.

That’s why we’re relying on kitchen cupboard and frozen goods. On the one hand, it’s a total nightmare trying to work out what to cook with a can of kidney beans, a browning apple and some potato waffles. But it’s also an opportunity for us to get creative with ingredients, appreciate our food more and get together with the family for meals (if we’re isolating with them, of course). 

So we’re welcoming any advice and tips from the people who know best when it comes to cooking. Nigella Lawson gave some easy solutions to store cupboard dilemmas in a recent interview. And a new BBC cookery show starring Jack Monroe is due to start on Monday 13 April, which will see her sharing Larder Lockdown ideas.

Nadiya Hussain has also been sharing her quarantine cooking advice, with a big focus on using your leftovers. Earlier this week, she talked fans through a genius banana skin ‘pulled pork’ cooking hack during an appearance on Good Morning Britain

She later took to Instagram to explain the importance of not feeling “guilty” about the things you can’t cook right now. Instead, Hussain says we should be using this time to “feel empowered” about what we can do with the food we have.

In the video message, Hussain said we need to think about what we can and can’t eat, how we can reduce waste by using leftovers like peels, and why we should take advantage of freezing food.

“We didn’t come from a rich family, we ate everything, so it’s just the way we were raised,” she continued. “I just wanted to share some of that stuff with you. I was talking about it on GMB and I will continually post stuff on my [Instagram] highlights. If there’s anything that you like, take it, use it. I would highly recommend the banana peel and scrap soup.”

In the caption, she wrote: “It’s a weird old time, but having a connection, even through all media makes us all feel like we are in this together. Don’t feel guilt about what you’re not cooking, feel empowered by what you are creating!”

For anyone who’s struggling to whip up a weekend meal right now, it’s reassuring to hear that everyone is just doing the best they can with what they’ve got in the kitchen. 

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