My stepson is still having sex with his underage girlfriend even though he knows it’s illegal – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I OFTEN get home to find my 18-year-old stepson in bed with his girlfriend, who is four years younger than him – so legally underage.

My wife and I both work during the day, so we can’t watch them non-stop.

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When we get back, they are usually in bed.

We have explained to him that he could go to prison because it is illegal.

But he just said: “No worries, I’ll be able to take my Xbox.”

He expects his mum to do everything for him, even cutting the crusts off his toast.

I am 43, my wife is 41.

She was a single mum when we married ten years ago.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your stepson feels a failure underneath his bravado and can’t see a positive way forward.

Tell him a sex offender’s life in prison can be extremely grim.

Talk with him and his girlfriend together.

Explain the likely fallout and try to liaise with her parents to encourage them to act responsibly.

His girlfriend shouldn’t be coming to your house at all because of the lockdown.

Ask your wife to treat him like an adult now.

Is his natural father around?

Some of this acting-out might be linked with problems there.

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