My mum will be devastated if I come out as gay too

DEAR DEIDRE: MY brother told my mum he was gay and she was devastated. So how can I tell her I’m gay too?

I’m a woman of 24 and am in my first relationship. I met my girlfriend at university and she makes me really happy.

None of my family are aware of my sexuality, but Mum is old-fashioned and she is always talking about being a grandma and me getting married “to a man”.

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My girlfriend is out with her family and I feel it’s time to tell Mum, but I’m just not sure how to.

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I’m scared she will reject me. I think she’d rather find out I was dead than that I’ve got a girlfriend.

DEIDRE SAYS: You can still get married and have a family in a same-sex relationship.

Finding the right words to talk to your mother may feel difficult, especially as she has already made assumptions about your sexuality – parents often do.

For support, contact FFLAG (, 0300 688 0368), who have a booklet called How To Tell My Parents.

This organisation can help your mum to have a better understanding, too.

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