My bipolar daughter hates that her older sister has moved back in to our home during lockdown – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: OUR home feels like a pressure cooker because the lockdown has meant our younger daughter moving back in with us along with her three children.

Our older daughter has also been living with my husband and me for the last year.

She is 39 and bipolar.

She wasn’t coping so she gave up her job and came home.

All was going well until coronavirus arrived.

Our younger daughter is 35 and her three children are 11, nine and seven.

She suffers from depression and they live in a flat, so I thought they would be better being in isolation with us, as I can help her and we have a large garden for the children to play in.

But her old sister hates them being here.

She’s never got on well with her sister and can’t stand the children’s noise.

She’s angry with me for inviting them here. I’m 61.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Tell your older daughter you are sorry she finds it so hard to have the children around and look at ways you can make her life separate.

Try to turn her bedroom into more of a bedsit, where she can eat her meals in peace, watch TV and read quietly.

Spell it out to the children that they must not bother her when she is in her room.

Suggest she contacts, who are operating an email and call-back service to support those with bipolar disorder during the Covid-19 crisis.

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