Mum’s OXO cube hack makes deliciously caramelised roast potatoes every time

A home cook has sent Facebook foodies wild with her tasty roast potato cooking method.

I mean, we’re not surprised – roasties are food of the Gods!

Hannah O’Connor posted a snap of her extra crispy, golden potatoes on Facebook – and hundreds of people liked the post.

Captioning the post, she said: “Practising the roasties.”

But, she revealed to The Daily Star that she uses a clever trick to add extra flavour and colour to her spuds.

What's your best trick for perfect roast potatoes? Tell us in the comments…

Hannah explained: “Pop the potato's in a pan and bring to the boil.

"Boil for 3 minutes, drain in a colander and fluff.

“Add a large pinch of flour, salt and pepper and then crumble a beef stock cube on top and fluff again.”

Most people par-boil for much longer than the foodie, but Hannah thinks it’s unnecessary and the potatoes need to be cooked just a little.

We can see why – any longer than seven minutes and you risk them falling apart.

Hannah continued: “Heat some olive oil in the oven.

“Pop the potato's in and ensure they are all covered in the oil.

“Turn every 20 mins or so until they're done. “

We love the addition of a beef OXO cube to add a delicious, savoury crust to the dish.

You can use chicken or vegetable flavoured stock cubes if you prefer.

You can add other seasonings too – rosemary and oregano both work well on roasties so we'd recommend those.

The recipe is so tasty that nearly 500 people liked Hannah’s post – and many commented too.

One person said: “I’d say perfect! I like to add a few herbs to mine but they look great!”

Another gushed: “Impressive" and a third swooned: "They look so crispy."

A fourth added: “Wow, best I’ve seen for a long time now – well done you!”

Looks like we’ll be trying this method out on our Sunday roast!

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